Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wow and how hot is it
I want to share some photos from Christmas day, and would like to wish all my lovely readers a safe and prosperous 2010...
I will ponder my 2010 word tonight with a glass of champers and my scraptable!
last year's word was BALANCE well I had some balance but not as much as I had hoped!

The first three are of my nephew Scott throwing Mia into the air!

This one if of my neice Elyssa (who is 39) trying out Mia's Jumping Jax Santa left for her!

This is my darling Sister Dee and Scott's fiance poppy mucking around with the prawn heads

elyssa getting ready to do the handstand in the jumping jax

Elyssa "jumping" on the jumping jax

Elyssa running in the jax

mia and Ella in the jumping jax

Tentatively they walk lol

Christmas morning putting the jaxs on their feet

Friday, December 18, 2009

life stuff

I think I say this every year, where did this one go? My girls will go into years 3 *(Mia) and 2(Ella)
When your children are babies, people often comment about how quickly they grow up before your eyes and I used to nod and smile and think - no way I cannot even imagine these tiny babies going to school - but blink and it happens!!
I am grateful for my family and for how hard my husband works so we can send them to Christian College for their education.


Last night I went out for our Create on Garden first ever Staff Christmas party!
Marisa took myself, Shelley and Kristina out for a meal at a Thai restaurant in Geelong.
It was sooo much fun, we even talked Shelley into trying kangaroo for the first time!
It was lovely to go out without children and talk grown up talk for once!
Thanks Marisa it was a lovely night out!


OOH my first ever layout will be published in Scrapbook Creations issue 75 coming out around 5th February!!!
At the moment I am loving Tim Holtz crackle paint wow and Ranger's adirondack dabber paints in copper, silver and pearl!!!!


I am definitely ready for BonsscrapsChristmas party tonight
scrapping chatting, bingo and lots more!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Only 2 more sleeps and the School year will be over for Mia and Ella!
I have been busy making Teacher presents - Mia's (year 2) teacher Mr Kennedy has just completed his first year as a Teacher! Mia has had a lovely year and Mr K has been very kind to her and helped her enormously with Maths and her writing!
Ella also has had a lovely year with Mrs Watson in Year 1 - Mrs Watson is a soft calm caring lady who I will miss assisting in the classroom!
I now have some time next week to start preparing my Christmas cooking - lots of shortbread, mince pies, white Christmas, small plum puds and some less traditional recipes i will be trying out!


OH the kits at Bonsscraps are gorgeous again this Month - I always get a Girl kit
and hope to get a subscription for Christmas (dh doesn't read my blog - actually he doesn't know what a BLOG is lol) I think Bon may have a couple of kits left which is unusual!!
I usually get about 3 layouts out of the kit with bits left over for other layouts and cards
such great value at $35 + pp

Sunday, December 6, 2009

a new layout

I have just completed this layout for Bons room of the month and the final layout for her Kit Sub Comp!
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Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have been experimenting with different mediums on my layouts over the past few days
feeling as if I am a little bored with my "style" so to speak .. On the Freedom layout I used alcohol inks, book pages, paint, modelling paste, gesso just to try something a little different for me..


I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown - Mia will be going into Year 3 next year
and Ella into Year 2 - they are struggling with exhaustion this week - they finish next Friday and we are all counting down the days. Not as much as the teaching staff I am guessing! They have their huge reports to write, and I was speaking with one yesterday who after 3 years teaching Year 2 is going up to "Big School" to teach year 5.. Her comments were that she loved her grade so much she is sure there will be loads of tears on the last day and they will be all from her saying goodbye.
This teacher does not know but I am putting together a small scrapbook of her wedding (which was earlier this year) ....... hope she likes it!