Thursday, August 28, 2008


Scrapping with Shelley and Justine today - took my new camera - but the batteries are flat oh well!
I completed 2 layouts and a third nearly finished!
I had a great day and am going to scrap tonight - feeling very inspired!

Today I am thankful for
My scrapping buddies Shelley and Justine
My girls who have been unbelievably well behaved this week!
My online buddies who always give me a laugh every day!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday - a quick post before I hit the sack

HI everyone
It is Tuesday and I am working at Create on Garden tomorrow - so if you are around, pop in and have a look at the new scrapping stuff we have in store!!
My scrapping day has now changed from Friday to Thursday with Shelley G Justine and Vic - we didn't get to scrap last week, and I am having withdrawals! lol
I am going to scrap some of the photos I have taken this week with my new camera!
I am loving it - it is so easy to use and the photos are so clear!
I am going to take it on Thursday to get a pic of our scrapping group (ssssh don't tell the girls) and if they agree, I will post a pic of us scrapping!
Today I am thankful for the rain again,
Thankful for Mia's paed. (who is a blessing - thanks KA)who reviewed her today (she is still underweight but we are working on it)and doesn't need to see her for 6 months. Mia has grown 3cm in the last 6 months and only put on 1k - so sustagen every day to put on weight for Miss MIa (if only I had that problem lol)When he examined her she had fluid on the ear that was perforated a little while ago - it just takes the gorgeous little lady a while to get over illness!
I am thankful for my baby friend Clem who is nearly crawling (he is 6months)
Night night
Hugs to all
PS: Tell someone you love them tomorrow - and mean it!!(it will make their day!)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

my last entry in the Slice of Life comp over at SS


Celebrate the Everyday

Everyday scrapbooking reflects our way of living - how we look at the world, our thoughts, our inspiration, our hopes and dreams. For some it is about documenting, telling and celebrating life, finding the joy in the simplest of things - a smile, the first cup of coffee in the morning, a dew glistened flower, a child's embrace.

Life is so busy and we seem to be so focussed on what we have to do and the things we haven't done. So for this challenge we want you to step back and open your lives to the small details of your everyday life. Live with attention and with your eyes and heart open. Time to let go of all the extra stuff that can bog us down


Create a double page layout dedicated to documenting something that occurs in your household on a daily basis eg) A daily routine, a daily tradition, a fav time of day, something that has occured in your day today!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today, I had planned to scrap because it was going to rain all day - then this morning, my dh said as your camera has died, why don't we go into town and buy a new one for you so you can finish off your challenge that is due this weekend! Well I was so shocked that a) he had remembered I had my last challenge of the Scrapbook Shelf to do after 5 weeks, and b) he was buying a camera for me today!!

Of course, I rushed to get ready and off we went to Geelong and I am the proud owner of an Olympus digi 8 mp with a fabo zoom!! It is so small!
I am so excited thank you dear husband!

So today I am thankful for my supportive thoughtful husband
and the amount of rain we had today
and the phone call saying Shell was going to come and scrap with me on Sunday at my house! Whoo her daughter Maddi and my girls will have a ball and she and I will scrap!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

wednesday 20th august 2008

I worked today at Create on Garden in Garden Street East Geelong, it was busy!
And I have one last challenge to finish for Scrapbook Shelf 5 week Slice of Life competition by Sunday and my camera has decided to give up on me!
Hope you are all well and happy!
Thanks for stopping by now and again!
Hey Shell - time you updated your blog lol "poke" just a reminder sweetheart!


Be kind to each other and don't forget those hug s

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time for an update Sat 16th Aug

Ok (SHell) I have been a slack blogger of late, so I am here to update my blog!
I have managed 2 layouts this week, in between babysitting the lovely little Clem who is 6 mnths and helping out with the college mini olympics which was great!
The Prep - Year 2 grades along with their counterparts from Christian College Belmont competed! It was great for the Bellarine Christian College children to meet the others - and I heard lots of comments like "I am your penpal from the other school - I thought you would be really really tall!!!!!!
What a fabulous school my girls go to - the staff, teachers and the children are all lovely, caring, fun and respectful - we made the right choice!
I am thankful today for
- The beautiful rain and the gorgeous rainbow
- Good friends
- The safe arrival of my sister and brotherinlaw back home after 4 weeks in Qld

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things Children Say!

As we were driving to school this morning, Ella said "Mum (I always know that there is a difficult question coming up with Ella!) How do people know if they are allergic to objects they havent tasted yet like someone at school is allergic to nuts but she has never eaten one!
MMM Mum goes quiet - "Oh well I guess this is another question only God can answer for me"


I am thankful for
- Fun creative team to work with at Create On Garden
- Michael, Harrison, Jackson, Peterson for looking after Mia and Ella so well last night while I could attend Create on Garden team meeting!
- It is Wednesday I get to play (I mean work) in the shop (Create on Garden)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



I thought these photos of the kangaroo who pinched the aper bag of food out of Ella's hand was cute and then his friend pinched it again just a bit of fun!
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I have entered this into the White with One challenge - I freehand stitched (and if you knew how hard I find sewing, you would think this was grand lol)
Thanks for looking - I am beginning to love white space on my layouts lol
This pic was taken of Mia about 2 years ago!
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday 11th August

Today I am thankful for

- Clem sleeping for nearly three hours while I tidy my scrapping stuff up
(I am babysitting this gorgeous boy today and tomorrow)
- I have more energy today
- The staff and teachers at Christian College for making the wonderful supportive nurturing school it is.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today I am thankful for:

- my daughters who are healthy and not fighting with each other lol
- my husband who is supportive of my scrap addiction
- the special friends I have online mmmmmwhaaaaaa!!


I am sooo excited, my darling husband suggested that I stay overnight in a motel in Melb the night before Heidi Swap workshop - and I get to meet one of my forum friends from NSW the lovely Peta MacBeth - and share at the motel with her and two of her friends - wow not only do I get to meet Heidi, but to meet one of my gorgeous friends in real life AND stay overnight (whoo hoo ) and have a girly night wow!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am going to see Heidi Swapp in December

Wow today I received my confirmation email that I am confirmed to take Heidi Swapp's class in December (bless you Warren for finding the funds to let me go!!)
Heidi is coming to Melbourne and Brisbane and running all day workshops in each city!
whooooooooo hooooooooooo how exciting !!

I am thankful ...

Today I am thankful for

- my daughters who seem to be growing up before my eyes
- two very special friends who I had lunch with today
- my special friend Sam (18) confined to a wheelchair
and who is thinking about his future career
with a very positive attitude - he inspires me daily

Challenge 4 at Scrapbook Shelf

We are up to week 4 out of 7 weeks it is going so quickly and I am really enjoying the challenges - thought I best finish this one today as they are putting the Olympics on just for my Birthday tomorrow lol 08.08.08 !!


Embrace Imperfection

Life is too short and too amazing to spend time worrying about perfection. How many of you get frustrated on layering papers, cutting out embellishments, and stressing that your layout is not quite right. Embrace your imperfections and Keep it Simple.


Create a 12 x 12 Layout With

- One Imperfect Photo

- Stamping (add an imperfect feel as some images have blobs of
ink or not enough ink)

- Use 3 Pattern Papers and NO Cardstock

- Keep Journalling to a minimum

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I forgot to show you my very first layout for the comp at The Scrapbook Shelf
the criteria was to let the photo do the talking!
The layout is called Soursops

Whoo Hoo My friend Shell has a Blog

Great to see you have joined the blogging revolution girlfriend!

Today I am thankful for:
1. I have two beautiful healthy girls
2. A patient husband who loves me
3. Turning 52 at the end of the week


Life is for living scrapping and loving !!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tues already lovely readers!

I am thankful for:
1. The rain here (but we desperately need more !)
2. My job at Create On Garden (formerly Inside Stories) I love it!and I have the best boss ever - bless you Marisa (Trude)
3. My health (at present it is fine!)

On scrapping note, I have finished my 123 challenge layout and will upload later,
Have a great day!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hi Monday already! I was just reading Melissa Kennedy's blog and it prompted me -
she is starting to write 3 things she is thankful for each day and I thought I would follow her lead (I know you dont mind Melissa!!)Melissa said on her blog "Sometimes we take too many things for granted and truthfully we really have just so much we can be thankful for"

I am thankful for:
1.Mrs Murnane (Ella's prep teacher) at Christian College for giving Ella such a fabulous start to her education.
2.My new friend Shelley with whom I share lots of laughs and scrapping days.
3.My SJ family in America who have just reminded me what friendship is all about.

What three things are you thankful for today?