Saturday, January 10, 2009

sat 10th jan

A lazy morning this morning, as I scrapped until 12pm last night
DH made tea and toast for me and Mia in bed - just love the feeling that I don't have to rush to get up and get moving on school hols, bliss - remember lovely readers to appreciate the small things in life - for they are the most important.
I scrapped 3 layouts last night and will upload as soon as I find where I put my cord for my camera while DH was painting our bedroom!
I only have 3 more layouts to achieve my January goal of 8 for the month!
After lounging in my pj's until lunchtime, lovely warm shower then we all went off to the Portarlington Mussel Festival! The girls had their photo taken onboard the Enterprise (a.k.a. the pirate ship in our household) by a photographer from one of our local newspapers The Echo - hopefully it will be published!
We wandered around our town which seemed like someone else's with people everywhere - unbelievable - there were mussel cooking displays, bands, our town was buzzing!
When DH suggested to Ella that we take a walk on the pier, she looked at him as if he was crazy - her response was "Dad, I have walked on our pier 1000 times" - yes Ella, but this time it was shoulder to shoulder people which did not impress her at all lol
An icecream in a waffle cone did the trick after we walked back to the main street!
We were all ready to leave the bustling tourist trade and make our way home -
I am sure the Committee for the Mussel Festival will be very pleased with the crowds - I think the Festival is in its 3rd year and brings lots of trade into our town to keep it going through the quiet Winter months!

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