Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thursday road trip

OnThursday Shell and I set out from Geelong on a "road trip" to Melbourne to meet the lovely Miss Kathie! (before we could set off on our Thelma and Louise road trip we had to stop at the obligatory truckie stop to get a coffee - well the lady behind the counter was pouring capps with two hands and frothing milk at the same time with her knee - AMAZING - try doing that husbands = no, on second thoughts forget it dh's = they would never be t co-ordinated! So off we went on our journey boy did I need this distraction after the past few weeks - was bliss to sit and be driven also! (THANKS SHELL you did an amazing job for a non Melbournite) LOL

(Hey Shell we should have bought a drink at the Taverner heeeeeeeee inside joke folks)

After chatting online with Kathie I was very excited to meet the lovely lady in person! I was not disappointed - an added extra was her lovely DH was there too! Ladies let me tell you this man is one sweet, supportive, patient man - not only is he lovely, he is interesting, intelligent and talks the talk that we do SCRAPPING! True - oh they are such a gorgeous couple and sense of humour is just brilliant!

It will be first of many meetings with the lovely generous sweet funny Kathie (you warmed my heart more than you will know - and boy did I need it that day.....)
Thank you gorgeous ladyxxxxx

So Shell and I (aka Thel and Lou) snuck out of Geelong into the unknown for a day
there has tobe more of it I say Shell!!
shell has her sights on Ikea - mm then more undiscovered scrapping shops here we come!



Jodi said...

Marelle, thanks for stopping by my blog!!
You kind ROCK yourself!!! lol
Love those works of art here that fabric is awesome!!

Charmane said...

HEY you! You should have popped on over our way too ;)

Hope to see you at the next Bon's get together!!!

Love Charmane


cant wait to meet you at the retreat your blog is looking fabbo and very impressive .. cant believe u can do it all now.. lol loving those pages marelle.. they are looking great ..

bigs hugs chick..

Shelley said...

Way to go love... bring on the next road trip... next time i'm goona ask for my coffee luke warm.... so I can drink it b4 i get to melbourne:D
Cheers for now, Thelma