Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am having an enforced rest - on the couch is where i need to stay for 6 days - On Tuesday at Christian College we had Clown Day for the preppies - so I donned my wig and my clown suit and drove the girls to school. I arrived in one of the prep rooms and started my act! It was so much fun the preppies were all dressed up as were the teachers and our gorgeous Chaplain Bart... There was more fun to come..
Along with a couple of very talented face painters, I assisted in making the preppy clowns "come to life" with new clown faces.
After activities, we went to the Chapel to be entertained by Sid the SIlent Clown (aka the Principal Mr Elliss) Sid was hilarious and entertained everyone very well.
I assisted Sid, and when I had finished my assistant duties I stepped off the stage forgetting it was very high and down I went and heard one big CRACK from my ankle. Not wanting to alarm the preppies I limped out of the Chapel and into the sick bay. I quickly removed my shoe and the swelling was instananeous! The pain nearly made me pass out..... So Anne who is the First aider and the office person, popped me in a wheelchair clown suit make up and wheeled me across the road to the Drs surgery.
Well I could hear some chuckling from the gathered throng of patients waiting to see the Dr, but I was feeling so sick then I recognised one of the laughs.. my sister..
she soon stopped laughing when she realised it was her little sis..
SO waiting waiting for an appointment for an xray so no pain killers ..
The result was a very severely sprained ankle and the treatment off my foot for 6 days Rest Ice Compression Elevation RICE is what I need to do
The Principal phoned me at home Tues evening and wondered why I had snuck out of the chapel lol he asked if it was his clown act lol As you can imagine I could not alarm the little preppies so nobody realised that I had hurt myself! They prob thought me falling off the stage was all in a day's work of a clown..
So dear readers - This morning I had planned to move to my beautiful friend Fiona's and look after 5 of her 6 children while she and her dh went to Port Douglas for a family wedding. This had been planned for a year... At least Fiona had time to organise things as it happened on Tuesday - she was grateful that I had done it earlier rather than today lol
Fiona will be in the air as I write, and hope her holiday is relaxing..


Chantal said...

Congrats on your upcoming publication! How exciting!!! :D

Debbie said...

Oh NO poor thing. Hope you are feeling better soon. OUCH is all I can say.
Keep smilin :)
Deb xo