Sunday, March 30, 2008


My darling Ella has just shared a beautiful story with me. Down in our backyard, Ella made a fairy house near her Daddy's collection of Bonsai. On her first day of school, Ella came home and saw The Fairy Queen - she did not see Ella, she was dressed in yellow with blue spots on her beautiful dress, and she had a silver crown, rainbow wings she was so tiny and Ella wrote a note to the Fairy Queen saying "don't be scared, I won't hurt you". Then Ella came inside to leave the Fairy Queen alone. Ella shared this story on the day with her Sister Mia...... I think it is the most special story I have ever heard! Remember to always believe in Fairies says Ella.


Christie said...

Tell Ella that I believe in Fairies. I love her story.


Ella ...

I too believe in faries .... they are one of the most beautiful things in this life.. i have a fairy garden will take a snap and send it to your mummy so she can share it with you..

If thats ok MUM