Thursday, March 27, 2008


It has rained all day - bring it on! The girls have watched DVDs, my darling Sister Dee(Dee Dee to the girls) came over and trimmed Mia's hair and cut Ella's hair short - GONE ARE HER BABY CURLS!
All Ella wants is straight hair! I will post pics later, as we are off to good friends of ours Simon and Cathy's for dinner tonight when DH gets home! Goody no cooking - they live about 45mins away and have some land with goats and lots of space for the girls to run! I will post pics later!
I am really proud of myself blogging nearly every day - hope the novelty doesn't wear off!
I scrapped last night, did ScrapTherapy's blind scrap - never done one before it was fun! I had better clear the scrapping stuff off the kitchen table!
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Christie said...

I'm jealous. I would love for it to rain here.