Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last day of 2008

Wow I cannot believe it - Ella has finished her first year at school, Mia will begin Year 2

These are my goals for
I am going to use a friend's (the lovely GiGi)CATEGORIES she used at the beginning of 2007 I have added one to my list of goals

art -To be published in a scrapping mag in 2009
home - To be more organised in the home ie: meal planning, on top of domestic duties
body - To lose 8kgs
life - To find more patience in my life
heart - Keep my heart happy and balanced with relationship ie: going on regular "dates"with my husband, more family outings
spirit - more reflection time
community To continue to assist those in need in my community and to raise more money for Sam to purchase a racing wheelchair to achieve his paraolympic goals

You only need one short sentence for each. The trick is to keep it simple and achievable. No grandiose gestures - you need to keep it practical but fulfilling.

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