Wednesday, December 17, 2008

this guy inspires me every day with quiet confidence

This is my special friend Sam, taken last Saturday with Ella - Sam is in training for the 2012 ParaOlympics and we are raising money for a racing wheelchair.
Stay tuned early in 2009 for all the details! I may even ask for your help (yet again ) please!
For those of you who don't know, Sam was involved in a BMX accident in September 2007 which has resulted in him being confined to a wheelchair. Has this stopped him? No way, his journey has been an amazing one, in a nutshell - he now drives his own car, plays his guitar and has the best sense of humour he is very special to me and always will be.
His family are the most supportive strong amazing group of people I am honoured to be a part of this family.
Sam's mum Jenny, taught Mia and Ella at our local Pre School so I have known her around 6 years but the bond between us since September last year is something out of this world - she and her husband Glenn along with their son Adam and daughter Kate are such inspirational people (although if they read this they would not agree).
I just wanted to give you a short overview of the McIntosh family so when and if I ask for your help you will know who I am referring to. A lot of readers have asked me who Sam McIntosh is as I list him as my daily inspiration..
Hugs to you Sam you rock!
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gorgeous post marelle love your hs pics... you look stunning...

Giovanna said...

takes a special person to pick themselves up after an accident like his. just let me know what i can do marelle!

Marelle said...

THanks Sandie and Gigi
Sandie Heidi is stunning inside and out