Thursday, December 4, 2008

thursday already

Wow today I went on a road trip with my lovely scrapping friends Shell G and Julie (aka Jooles) after getting 3 hot chocs to go from my fave truck stop (lol jooles asked the lady could she have marshmellows with tha - sorry luv no marshmellows here lol) we hit the road - what a fun day - and boy can my darling friends shop! lol
Got some great bargains! so next year if you would like to come a warehouse shopping which includes scrapping supplies, and exclusive bath products at 80% off just let me know !!


Al said...

That sure does sound like a fun day ... shopping huh - every girls dream :)

Shelley Gioffre said...

We sure did have fun. Cannot believe how much we gor and how cheap!!! Thanks for the ride chickee.

Marelle said...

Al, the next bath products sale is in June will keep you updatedxxx